On this interface you can lock your GNO to generate OWL
  • You can lock your GNO starting from the 21st of June, 2018, at 1am CEST until the 21st of July, 2018, at 12:59am CEST
  • 1 GNO generates 10 OWL (no matter when you lock it during the 30-day period)
  • The generated OWL will be credited to your linked wallet address immediately
  • You need to add the OWL token contract address to your wallet for your new OWL balance to become visible: ...
Reclaiming your GNO
  • Your GNO will remain locked until the 21st of July 2018, at 1am CEST
  • You may reclaim your GNO as of the above date
  • You must reclaim your GNO tokens using the same wallet address that you used to lock them
  • We recommend that you reclaim your tokens within 8 weeks of the above date
  • DO NOT use a wallet for which you do not have access to the private key!
  • You need ETH in your linked wallet to pay for transaction costs
  • Your locked GNO cannot be traded. You will not be able to see the balance of your locked GNO in your wallet. Locked GNO are only visible on this interface as long as your wallet is connected
  • Our interface has been thoroughly tested using MetaMask. We do not guarantee support of any other ERC20 wallets and will not be responsible for any tokens lost due to the use of an unsupported wallet
  • We recommend the use of the Chrome Browser only
  • Consider the mining time needed to process the transaction for last minute locking
  • Make sure your wallet is connected to Ethereum Mainnet
  • Access the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
What are OWL and how to use OWL?
  • OWL are generated by locking your GNO tokens
  • 1 OWL is worth 1 USD in fees on some Gnosis applications
  • To use OWL, you need to set an application specific allowance
The OWL generation
  • Please note that this is your first chance to generate OWL
  • Anyone holding GNO can generate OWL in this initial OWL generation process
  • You can only lock each GNO once
  • Once the “Transaction in Progress” notice disappears, your transaction has been executed. To verify, check Etherscan or the balance of OWL/GNO tokens in your wallet
For more information read our blog post covering this initial OWL generation and the discontinued use of our LightWallet